Graduate Committees

The Graduate Studies Committee provides information and handles all concerns for graduate students in their course of study. The Graduate Admissions Committee provides information and handles all concerns with the admissions of graduate students.

For any queries concerning admissions, please email the Academic Administrative Assistant.

Office Hours

2018-2019 Comp Committees

Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Admissions Committee

Josipa Roksa
  Director of Graduate Studies

        Office: Randall 206

        Phone: (434) 924-6528

        Email: Josipa Roksa

Isaac Reed
Director of Graduate Admissions

          Office: Randall 214

          Phone: (434) 924-7794

          Email: Isaac Reed

Fiona Greenland 

        Office: Randall 222

        Phone: (434) 924-6518

        Email: Fiona Greenland

Allison Pugh

          Office: Randall 210

          Phone: (434) 924-6510

          Email: Allison Pugh

Stephan Fuchs

        Office: Randall 205

        Phone: (434) 924-6540

        Email: Stephan Fuchs

Milton Vickerman

          Office: Randall 208

          Phone: (434) 924-6531

          Email: Milton Vickerman